Spellbound Series

My debut novel series.


The series follows the adventures of a young Bella Sanchez in her journey across a land of magic and mystery – called Vista – as she develops her skills a Mage and as a person.



Bella Sanchez never knew her father, but his secret is about to become her legacy!

There is a world inaccessible to the ordinary traveler and invisible to human eyes. Here, myth, magic, and monsters are very real… and so is every danger.

On Earth, Bella Sanchez lives an un-charmed life as a high school student and until recently, hasn’t questioned it. But when strange things start invading her once-normal life, she finds the answers hidden around her late father’s memory.

On Vista, the alternate world where her father grew up, Bella finds a half of herself she never knew existed.

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The cover is the only thing I have released for this so far. More to come!












This story has meant a lot to me throughout my life. I began writing Spellbound when I was a teenager, in my parents’ house in Florida. Like most things, it was a collaborative venture I took with my friends – we all gathered around and made stories and characters for each other’s stories. Only a few survived, but there were many, many more. The story has changed a lot, of course. Some for the better, some not and I had to bring back. Originally Aries was the main villain of Spellbound, originally there were no Mage classes. There were originally about ten different creatures on Vista, which eventually got trimmed down to seven. Not including the bonus secret eighth kind! Back when I was first writing the Spellbound series, there were about eleven books in it! I condensed it to five, but that eventually had to become six… Plus two spin-offs.