Help Out!


Hey, there! Thanks for checking out this page! In light of recent events, I’ve decided to spread word about my need for advertising.

Click here to support me through My Dream Book Team. If you can’t support me monetarily, I would really appreciate it if you considered pledging to be a reader. That would help a lot, and plus, it would make me feel really happy!!

Click here to visit my GoFundMe page, if you are more comfortable using that avenue. It also is really easy to share the campaign through here!

Update: I recently created a Patreon so that I can give back to you through your pledges and donations!

Check out the link to my facebook page, and give that a quick like! Don’t worry, I won’t blow up your feed with useless garbage, just updates on the book itself! It’s right here on the blog!

My promoter, Tim, runs a WordPress blog and manages another website called ChapterBuzz!

The music you hear in the video is from Loose Bolts, who I’ve talked about before.

I mentioned my many artist friends, and you can check them out, too, if you like great artwork! They’ve helped me out immensely, and I’d love to return the favor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart:
Bethany Shafstall, providing official character artwork.
Ashley Von Burtz, providing official character artwork.
Mike Serpa, providing random reference artwork. (And lots of love.)
Ciara Ammons, who I don’t have a link for, sorry!! For years of friendship and reference artwork.
Angela Rivera, who made my cover artwork. You can contact her at

If you’d like to offer services for my book, please let me know!!