Oh No WriMo

Well, last week I was going to prepare a lovely NaNoWriMo post for everyone, but got a bit sidetracked with a heavy dose of depression that really bogged me down. Everyone who has grown from darkness eventually returns to it, and this will be my life forever. And while that isn’t a very uplifting thought, … More Oh No WriMo

Never Underestimate the Creative Value of a Good Meal.

Wednesday already? Where has the week gone? I’ve mostly been holed up in my study or sitting on my couch with an angry face this week, when I’ve not been working in silence. That is because, my dear friends, I hit a snag. That’s right! Every writer’s worst enemy (besides writer’s block, no outlets available, … More Never Underestimate the Creative Value of a Good Meal.

Stay Inspired: Art In The Park and Write What You Know

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Time for the weekly blog update. Thus far I’ve kept the schedule and I’m quite proud of myself. Aren’t you proud of me? AREN’T YOU?! Good. My wrath is spared, for now. It’s been a busy few days! Finding inspiration in daily life is essential, especially when you have ongoing creative projects. … More Stay Inspired: Art In The Park and Write What You Know

Medical Misadventures

Ladies and gentlemen, blorps and blobs, I extend to you my sincerest apologies on my recent lack of activity. I constantly am thinking about this blog and am thinking about my books, however, in light of recent circumstance, I’ve not been able to be quite as active as I’d like to be. I’m speaking, of … More Medical Misadventures

Business and Pleasure

Do you ever look at someone at work and think to yourself “What the hell are they thinking?” If you’ve worked any place with other people for a steady amount of time, I’m sure that thought has come into mind many, many times. Especially if you’ve ever worked with me. I have my moments where I get … More Business and Pleasure