Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, which is right around the corner, I’m bringing you today some lovely ideas on how to incorporate fear into your story this week. We start, with a gasp. Gasping is a sharp intake of air to display that we are shocked, frightened, excited, spooked, or otherwise scandalized. But why … More Gasp!

The Lorien Legacies

Adventure! Government conspiracies! Intergalactic war! Sound good to you? Well don’t forget about Super powers! Romance! Betrayal! Yeah, seriously, how could it get any better? Maybe with Loveable, dynamic characters! The fate of the world in the balance! And if you need any further prompting after all that, there’s a telepathic dog. If any of those things … More The Lorien Legacies


Desire often births flame, and even the smallest spark can lead to full-fledged inferno. Fire is destructive, tearing out the foundations of everything you’ve established over decades or days. It either leaves a charred hollow in your soul, or just a smoke stain. But, sooner or later, you will feel the sting of both. This … More Persevering.