The Exile’s Memoirs

It’s not much of a surprise, since I already mentioned that this was the piece I worked on for NaNoWriMo, but I have a brand new title that I’m going to be releasing in early 2017!

It’s called The Exile’s Memoirs, and it’ll be a blog/Kindle exclusive.

Joseph Sanchez lost everything, except for his sense of humor and love of knowledge. After a narrow glimpse at success from writing a book, he resumes life as a Mage on Vista but with somehow less to his name than before. His only hope comes from an odd young Mage named Reginold Tenner, hoping to make Vista better place for everyone. Well, almost everyone…

This novella is centered in the same universe as Spellbound, but in a completely different time period. While Spellbound is the story of Bella Sanchez’s adventures through Vista, The Exile’s Memoirs is the tale of her father Joseph.

Joseph was a common Vistian, until he collected the spells known to Mages and wrote them in a comprehensive book. Afterwards, he became a has-been, a visionary, and a businessman. That, in turn, failed him as well and he sought refuge on Earth where he met the love of his life and chose to exile himself. The rest, of course, is history.

I wasn’t sure if I would release this before or alongside Spellbound itself, but after some deliberation, I think this would be a great way to gauge and create interest in the series while also building the setting without giving too much away all at once.

Already, the reviews are pouring in:

“That was so sweet… now I have diabetes.”

    – my friend Bethany

“Yeah, I liked it.”

   – my friend Kelly, after being asked whether or not he liked the first chapter

“I love magic and mystery. Exiles have been cool since, like, Robin Hood.”

   – my coworker Britton

As you can see, the hype is very real.

I’m shooting for a release in March! February, if I get a good jump on this. (But I mean, honestly, when have I been known to do that? Half the creative process is procrastination.)

It will also be totally free to read. Because I love you and I want you to love my little world.



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