Oh No WriMo

Well, last week I was going to prepare a lovely NaNoWriMo post for everyone, but got a bit sidetracked with a heavy dose of depression that really bogged me down. Everyone who has grown from darkness eventually returns to it, and this will be my life forever. And while that isn’t a very uplifting thought, it does hold promise that there will be moments to resurface for air, and light.

So, on that note, I’ve been having a lot of fun and a lot of trouble with NaNoWriMo this year! I didn’t even know if I was going to participate until about a week before it actually started, and I decided to just go for it.

And so, I started a small project I’ve been thinking about: The Exile’s Memoirs.

(Not the final cover)

It’s the story of Bella’s dad, Joseph, before Bella’s story takes place. (Obviously, because he’s dead when the story starts, and that’s not spoilers.)

But getting here was no small task. As with every writing task, no matter how far in advance you know about it, you can’t ever get prepared for it.

Just like these blog posts. I know that I do them every Wednesday but I do nothing to assist myself in expediting the process and making it easier on myself. Why am I like this?

It begins every November 1st at midnight. Never sooner. I’m not talking about the panic, either. The anxiety for NaNoWriMo begins on December 1st, every year.

November is National Novel Writing month, in which writers of all genres and skill set out to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Time for all of us to shine… Because we’ll be lighting ourselves on fire.


You’re on a bit of a sugar rush from all that Halloween candy, maybe even drunk to boot. Life is bliss, because you’ve chosen to be ignorant of the coming inferno.


But then… the dawn breaks. And everything you thought you knew is thrown into chaos. How is it possible to write this many words in an hour, let alone a day? Will November ever end? Is it the longest month? Can you survive it this year?

Well, if you have a great team, like me, then yes you can!

I’ve said before that writing isn’t a team sport, but it sure is nice to know there are like-minded people around who enjoy the masochism of this month as much as you do.

Don’t let the smiles fool you: we are suffering.

Every Sunday, the South Dakota Writes group has met and written for three hours a day. Those are my most productive days! No distractions, aside from striking up conversation (and, like, who wants to talk to someone), just forced creativity and gratuitous amounts of word vomit. Simple.

So much progress being made!

It’s nice to have a good group to share in the struggles with. As always with these guys, I’m having a blast.


Progress is slow, but steady. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights, however, so I’m bled a little dry and stretched kind of thin.

But I will finish this. I might not win NaNoWriMo, because this is just a novella, but I will finish this project and then… Well, maybe I will release it!

That’s the real tough question: am I going to release this novella before Spellbound, or around the same time as a special twofer? I still haven’t decided. And, as far as I’m concerned, I still have 14 more days to do so!

Let me know what you think! Until then, I’ll be asleep… Thanks for understanding ~



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