Let us.


I have started a few different posts on here and Facebook regarding the election results. This is the truth. This is a path forward.

You don’t know me very well so I feel the need to explain.

My instinctual, visceral response to many troubles and conflicts is aggression. It is anarchic, nihilistic. It is to wage war. I go rigid and suddenly I am a sword. A missile. I do not care who becomes collateral damage. I summon Ares and Shiva from the cold sands within me and grow stone scales on my flesh. I need no clothes. No armor. No shield. I am impenetrable. Immovable. But stone cracks. It turns to dust. If you are rigid you can be broken. Thus, though I have iron and lead in my blood and I grow stone from my pores, I try to grow something else. Create life. I study how…

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