Well, we’re a day late, but at least we’re not a dollar short. Sorry for the delay, everyone, but I’ve been extremely busy and that’s kept me from sleeping. As much as I love and care about this blog… I needed rest! I’m just one person, so I used Wednesday (all of it) for sleeping. … More Whoops.

Who You Know.

Often, it’s been said “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” If two painters are equally talented, but one of them is friends with a local art salesman and the other is not, one is more likely to succeed than the other. Whether or not we want to believe in the adage, it proves … More Who You Know.

Literature and Yoga

Recently, I’ve started taking yoga classes at the local “Yoga Spot” in town. It’s been a lot of fun, and really helps me think and my body feel revitalized. I’m really enjoying it! This is what I plan to do during the fall to keep me busy and to help me stay in shape.  I had originally … More Literature and Yoga