Introspection & Loss

Originally posted on The Renegade Press:
I recently celebrated my fourth anniversary of blogging here at The Renegade Press. As with the three anniversaries prior to this one, the moment was a bitter-sweet affair of pride and introspection. Blogging has become a passion, and a source of endless pleasure that I approach with great reverence…

Stay Inspired: Art In The Park and Write What You Know

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Time for the weekly blog update. Thus far I’ve kept the schedule and I’m quite proud of myself. Aren’t you proud of me? AREN’T YOU?! Good. My wrath is spared, for now. It’s been a busy few days! Finding inspiration in daily life is essential, especially when you have ongoing creative projects. … More Stay Inspired: Art In The Park and Write What You Know

Writing through Pain and Confusion Plus Shareworthy Reading and Writing Links

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Sometimes, it feels like the bad news will never end. Day after day, the headlines shout at us about violence, racism, hatred, deceit, murder, exploitation, and cruelty. The suffering we are faced with each day is almost too much to take. From the most appalling…