What A Day To Be Alive

Now, this post has nothing to do with writing, or books, or anything about my novels. This is more important than that. I believe it is, anyway.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage must occur in all 50 states.

Yes, it's official.
Yes, it’s official.

This is a great day. This is a day that our grandchildren will learn about in schools. We have all been alive on this historic day. And, I don’t know your personal story. I don’t know where you stand on this issue. I certainly hope that it is with people like me, who want nothing but equality and the right to be recognized. If it is not, however – sucks to suck man! You lose! And nothing you can do with your hate will change it!

-clears throat- now that that’s out of the way, I would like to acknowledge the hateful parts of the human race that is also alive today. Fear is the opposite emotional wavelength from love. Hate is spawned solely from fear – whether it be fear of self, fear of a deity, fear of others, fear of something different. Once you overcome these fears, it is so uplifting to live in such a cohesive environment of peace. This is the more sophisticated way to say “you’re fucking stupid.”

equality3 equality4 equality5

No gay person wants to ruin healthy, straight relationships. Getting a divorce will only hurt yourself, it will do absolutely nothing but help the divorce statistics in America and won’t change the ruling. Nobody wants you to do that, it’s a hollow threat, and it’s not even threatening. Now, I’m not going to lie, quite a few people want to see bigots light themselves on fire. By that logic, doing so would just be a win on the loving side. Gay marriage is also not going to kill anyone, unless they do it to themselves. I mean, I could see that as a parallel to the tragedies of 9/11, but that’s another conspiracy entirely.

There are extreme hate groups, I know everyone is aware of that. But fear not! Those hateful beings have lost majorly today. #LoveWins.

The fact is, these people are a slim few. The numbers of people like them are dwindling. They’re an extremist collective, and pretty much everyone agrees that they are ridiculous. But the fact is, this kind of blind hate is poisonous. Thankfully, with motions like this, it’s proof that humanity is slowly developing a cure for that toxic plague. Humanity is always evolving, always learning. I’m just glad that maybe we’re taking another step closer to becoming one with our stardust and the energies we truly are instead of existing in the disdainful flesh presence on this single organic entity.

But, that’s enough talking about the hate. Let’s focus on the positive! Especially because the positive is totally the majority here.

equality6 equality7 equality9 equality10

This is just a slim portion of how positive our nation is feeling today. I’m so happy.

Here’s my own personal positivity story: I’m 22 years old, and at 22 was when I realized that I was definitely not exclusively straight. I’m bisexual. I’m not confused, I’m not indecisive. And right now, I’m very much enthralled by a beautiful artist. And now, if we walk around holding hands, we won’t be quite as alone. There will now be more of us. We are everywhere.

So, my point is: if you’re gay, or if you straight, or if you’re somewhere in between: celebrate! This is a great day! Marriage is very important for same-sex couples. Being legally married means that if their spouse is sick, in jail, leaving them, or hurting them, they now get the same rights as straight couples. Insurance benefits now apply, bank accounts, child support, all of the same benefits that “traditional” marriage gets.

This also means that it is something that can be discussed in public schools because it is now a perfectly legal action.

People love to point out that this is not the end of the road in the battle for true equality. It does not end the violence and stigma that will be there. This is very true. The war isn’t over. But the battle is won. It’s time to relax with the victory spoils and just enjoy today. We can mourn the ones we’ve lost, we can anticipate the fighting to come. But today is a good day. Today is how we will be remembered.

The sun will set on our win. But the fire in our hearts can never be extinguished. This is our calling. This is destiny.


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